Rangers (Pre-School)

Where will your journey take you?


Time spent in our Rangers Room will depend on your child’s birthday and on your chosen school pathway. Some children may transfer straight from our Little Lions room to The Nest at Bilton Grange, whilst others will transfer to the Rangers room prior to their transfer to The Nest or indeed on to their chosen primary school.

Our Rangers are active explorers, who love to spend time outdoors, both in their outdoor free-flow play areas, and stepping out into the wider grounds. There is so much to be discovered, from building animal homes, to digging for worms and making mud pies; our 90 acres really are a haven for discovery

Growth and development stems from firm roots of happiness, security and, most of all, fun and this is the basis of everything that we do. Learning happens through a balanced provision of child-initiated play and adult-led activities ensuring that every child makes confident developmental steps forward and has the best preparation for whatever the next stage in their educational journey. The activities and learning opportunities are carefully matched to each child’s needs, so that every child can make progress.

The Rangers Curriculum is all about developing a confident basis in our core skills; ensuring firm foundations in our personal, social and emotional development, our communication and language skills and our physical development really does underpin everything else that we do. From here we begin to approach the basics of Literacy, Mathematics, the Creative Arts and an Understanding of the World. The higher we want our expectations to be, the stronger the foundations we need to lay!


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