Meet Little Grange Nursery Manager

Anna Biddlestone

With a degree in Early Years Education Studies and 20 years of experience working in, and managing nurseries, Anna has achieved many accolades including winning Manager of the Year at the 2019 Tommies annual awards.

She believes Little Grange Nursery will become a nursery of choice where children will be surrounded by warm, enticing and magical environments providing outstanding teaching and learning opportunities for even the youngest of babies.

“I am looking forward to creating a nursery that has the wow factor,” she said. “This is a unique opportunity to develop a nursery with children at the forefront of it design and where the environment will be essential in helping children to meet their full potential.

“We are lucky to have a vast outdoor space that offers endless opportunities, and this will become an integral part of a busy life at Little Grange Nursery.

“I very much looking forward to meeting parents and all our new children,” she added.

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